Personal Injury Qs


What is my case worth?

Determining the value of your case is a complex calculation that depends on many variables, none of which are initially well-defined. These variables include the cost and duration of your accident-related treatment, the degree of recovery you are able to achieve, the presence or absence of permanent disability and disfigurement after your rehabilitation is completed, whether you have a loss of earnings component, what your past earnings history has been, what your future income potential was prior to the injury, whether there is a loss of consortium component to consider. Ultimately the value of your case is whatever I can convince an adjustor, arbitrator, judge or jury it is. As you can see, one cannot and should not rush into assigning a value to your case. Only after the full extent of your damages and your recovery is learned can anyone begin to equitably assign the true case value.

Why should I hire you for my case?

What if your attorney knew as much as your doctor? If your attorney invested thousands of classroom hours to study the same courses your physician did, and then put that knowledge to use in a clinical setting for several decades, he would very likely understand your injury the same way your physician does.

Jeffrey D. Andrews, D.C., Esq. has studied the same subjects that your physician did to earn his doctoral degree (e.g., anatomy, physiology, pathology, biochemistry, diagnosis, and radiology, etc.). Because of this, and his decades of clinical experience, Dr. Andrews is uniquely qualified to understand your injury, and the nitty-gritty consequences of that injury. This is crucial to properly assigning a reasonable value to the losses and harms that injury created in you.

With a proper understanding of the injury you have suffered, and a proper understanding of the complications and consequences of that injury, Dr. Andrews can be the best advocate for you when it comes time to explain that injury and demand the proper compensation.

Whether that compensation demand is made to an insurance adjustor, a defense attorney working for the insurance company, an arbitrator, a judge or a jury, Dr. Andrews has the education, clinical background, and experience to:

  • explain the technical components of your injury, 
  • explain the consequences (harms and losses) that injury has created in you, 
  • conform that explanation to the procedural requirements of the legal system, and 
  • do all of it in a way that an everyday person can clearly understand and relate to.

Once the adjustor, arbitrator or jury understands your injury and what it means to your life, they are much more likely to give an amount of money that reasonably equals the value of loss you have suffered.

Get the best of both worlds! Call Andrews Law Firm today at 479-1400, and let Jeffrey D. Andrews, D.C., Esq. combine his clinical knowledge of your injury with his legal skills and powers of persuasion to get the result you deserve.