Criminal Defense Qs


When should I hire an attorney?

It is best to hire an attorney as soon as you are know you are facing criminal charges. Often you will be notified that you will be facing charges before they are actually filed. In many instances, law enforcement wants to try to talk to you before obtaining an arrest warrant. Also, you may be served with a warrant to search your residence. This is a crucial stage in your case, and it is important that you call Andrews Law Firm to understand your rights.

If you do not have the benefit of early warning and you are simply arrested, it is even more important that you hire us immediately! Even before you attempt to post bail, we can be helpful. We can gain initial information about your case, inform you of your rights, and help get your bail lowered, or in some cases, eliminated entirely.

Why should I hire you instead of getting a public defender appointed?

You do not get to select your public defender. That lawyer is appointed to you by the court, and you will typically not have the same lawyer throughout your case as it progresses through the system. He or she may be very inexperienced, because “rookies” are normally placed by their supervisors onto new cases in the early stages in order to gain experience. This is no time to be a guinea pig for a training lawyer, because the early stages of a criminal case are critical to the outcome.

You will typically not be able to speak to a public defender until your first court appearance, which may be days after your arrest. Meeting your public defender on the day of your first appearance affords little time to discuss your case or court procedures with him or her. There a many mistakes that people often make before this point, such as making self-incriminating statements to a member of law enforcement. These potentially life-altering mistakes can easily be avoided with the advice of a competent attorney.

The courts are very busy, and you will find that a public defender is likely not yet familiar with any information about your case. You may immediately feel that your case is just another one being hurried through the system.

The only way you can exert control over your defense is by hiring competent, experienced private counsel. The potential consequences of criminal charges are severe and life altering. It is vital that your attorney understands that your life is on the line from day one. Your lawyer should do his or her best to protect you, not treat you as just another file on an overflowing desk.